15 Years ago... I decided to become a photographer. I had no experience, I had never actually owned a camera, I didn't know what an f-stop was and had no idea how one could make a living taking photos.

Within 18 months I was shooting celebrity portraits for magazines, had been featured on Entertainment Tonight, was getting referrals from top agencies, and could count Academy Award and Emmy Award nominated actors as my clientele. In the years since, I've been inundated with inquiries from photographers asking the same question...         

How did you do it?

My success was built on a few foundations:

  1. While many photographers worked to get their subjects to pose correctly for the camera, I discovered and utilized techniques that got my clients to STOP posing and to live truthfully in front of my lens.

  2. I developed and used very specifi technical, artistic and compositional ideas to make my shots stand out. And in turn, to make my clients stand out.

  3. I discovered the four elements necessary to make each photograph a complete story in itself, "The Four Corners" as I call it.

  4. I developed marketing techniques that made my business thrive in a very competitive marketplace.

  5. I learned to find my own voice as a photographer, and not copy other styles. (This is vital to my coaching, as most coaches ultimately get you to shoot like THEM, so you become an imitation). I want to empower my clients to find their OWN style).

At this point in my career, I'm no longer afraid to share my secrets. In fact, I love sharing what I know. Because when I teach, I also learn.

Here's How I can Help You:

It is not enough to do what you love. You must nurture your love with mastery of the craft. When you master your craft, it awakens your talent. And only when you are awake, can you manifest your dreams.
Click on the image above to see my recent TEDx Talk

Click on the image above to see my recent TEDx Talk


Photo by cyano66/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by cyano66/iStock / Getty Images

This is intensive coaching either at my pro studio, or my home based studio. We delve deeply into any and all areas that can help you with. I don't do the same thing for every client, because every client has totally different challenges and totally different needs. From working with subjects, to the artistic and compositional aspects of portraiture and headshots, to business and marketing strategies, to the concepts of story telling in imagery, to my "four corners" technique for creating perfect portraits, to accountability and empowerment, I help you find your special angle and motivate you to TAKE ACTION so you can make it happen. I'm there to inform, inspire, push, nurture, provoke, and share what I know. All to help you grow. In's an intensive process. Really intensive. I'll be supportive and positive. But I'll also kick your butt. And you'll learn more in one hour than in 4 weeks at some photo school (most photo schools are designed to stretch out instruction to get more of your money).

Portfolio Review - Extremely comprenhensive review and analysis of your work is vital to this process, as is an analysis of your online presence, your communication skills, your technical abilities, and your artistic abilities. All this leads to valuable and deep insights into how you can improve your work technically, artistically, compositionally and more. It also leads to insights about how you can identify and understand the stories that you must tell with every image. And how all elements of your image must contribute to this story. And most importantly, to helping you book more jobs.

Get Working - We'll improve your work, your workflow, and help you create the foundation for a successful business. In short, we'll help you take your best shot at a photography career.

Your Career Investment for One-On-One Coaching is $300 per hour. Extended Mentoring Packages are $3,000 including 3, hour long in-person sessions, and 15, 30-minute phone or skype sessions.


Photo by Michael Krinke/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Michael Krinke/iStock / Getty Images

A full 2-days filled with instruction, opportunities to shoot actors and models in our pro studio, guest speakers, and more. This is a workshop designed to teach students more than just how to shoot. It's designed to teach them to shoot for a living. We cover the technical aspects of portrait and headshot photography, give artistic insights, and the ability to learn by doing. Oh, and plenty to nosh on. You'll need it, because while it's a blast, we'll work your butt off.

Stay tuned here for info on our next weekend headshot intensive.


"Most coaches teach their students how to copy their style. Students end up shooting just like the teacher. This is a flawed approach, because it turns students into imitators, not artists. So my coaching is designed to help photographers find their own voice, not copy mine. Because that's the only way you'll shine."  - Kenneth Dolin


"Kenneth’s coaching session really helped me target my goals as a photographer.  He knew exactly where I needed to be pushed and opened my eyes to so many things I had not thought of.  He really cared about what I was doing and was honest with his opinions. I went to him expecting to learn some very simple camera techniques I knew I needed to improve my work, however after spending time with Kenneth I actually walked away with so much more.   I am so excited about my future as a photographer and now have clear steps of how I’m going to get there.  If you’re ready to take your photography business to the next level, then setting up a coaching session with Kenneth would be one of the smartest steps you could take for yourself." -Danielle Vernengo

"The breadth of Kenneth's experience and depth of his knowledge are a tremendous resource for any up and coming photographer. Kenneth's tough love approach challenged my current perceptions and forced me to use critical thinking in my photography. I left my first coaching motivated, inspired, and in a rush to get back and get to work"  - Claudia Moores


"Kenneth has a keen eye for pinpointing exactly what I need to do to succeed. Through his knowledge and incredible support, I have grown to believe in myself and value my work. He has taught me and given me the confidence to turn my passion into a profession. For that I am forever grateful to have a wonderful mentor like Kenneth."   - Alivia Latimer


"Kenneth's combination of brutal honesty and humor in discussing my business strategy was exactly what I needed. I left our meeting feel more confident and motivated than ever. Also, I like his glasses."  - Gabriela Fresquez

"I really enjoyed my time with Kenneth. My only regret is that I couldn’t spend the entire day with him! I loved our chat and his suggestions on how to make my images better." Richard Shiu

"Kenneth has tailored a plan for me to help me succeed and has really helped point me in the right direction of where I need to go with my headshot business." - Shea

"If you're looking to improve your headshot photography skills, Kenneth Dolin is the mentor for you! The sessions are tailored, highly informative and really fun." - Dr. Harvey Greenberg,


"I'm a professional photographer who wanted to on my business skills, so I took a training class with Kenneth. I found it to be super helpful and insightful. I still have to implement some of it, but one insight he gave me on pricing is making me a lot more money, so that alone was well worth it. I recommend him highly for his work and his knowledge." - Marcus Kolodjski

"Kenneth gave me a one-on-one coaching session a while ago and I learned so much from you. You really changed it up for me me and helped me to realize that I could shoot headshots in natural light and get really good images. So I owe you a huge thanks for giving me another option to capture great shots." - Richard Shiu

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the time you took with me on Saturday and all the time you put in before our actual meeting.  It was hard, it was intense.  Your "tough love" is exactly what I needed.  Your baby analogy was spot on for me.  YIKES!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Susan Doupe, 

The coaching was great. It was honest, straight forward and I grew from not just the time with Kenneth but the words he left me with which I am continuing to explore….extremely helpful. - Janet Jones