HEADSHOTS                                                                                                                                                 ADULT 3+ LOOK PACKAGE (Ages 18 and over) - $575                                                                                ADULT 4+ LOOK PACKAGE (Ages 18 and over) - $650                                                                                 ADULT 5+ LOOK PACKAGE (Ages 18 and over) -  $700                                                                                         YOUNG ADULTS PACKAGE (Ages 12-17. 4 Looks) - $525                                                                                  KIDS PACKAGE (Ages 8-11, 4 looks) - $475

EXECUTIVE & MEDIA PORTRAITS                                                                                                                        1 PERSON, 2-LOOKS, IN OUR STUDIO - $399                                                                                                GROUP SHOOTS IN OUR STUDIO - Based on number of people. Call us for a quote.                                      1-PERSON, 2 LOOKS, AT YOUR PLACE OF BUSINESS -  $599                                                                    GROUP SHOOTS AT YOUR PLACE OF BUSINESS - Call us for a quote. 323-512-0286.

MAKEUP / LIGHT HAIR                                                                                                                                     $170 for Women or Girls 12 and over.  $130 for Girls 11 and under.  $100 for Men and Boys.

VIRTUAL CD & ARCHIVE FEE - $40 This is a mandatory service fee for digital delivery and studio archiving:


Your session gallery is also a PIN-code protected "Virtual CD" allowing you to download all your full-sized images to your computer's desktop, from the comfort of your home. So there's no need to drive to a lab and pay for a CD or USB.  We also provide archiving of your entire session, which guarantees the safety and accessibility of your images. The labs no longer provide this.


WE DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY:  Our sessions are more comprehensive than most studios, usually yielding over 500 images or more, with incredible range and variety. And we are NOT a factory. Sure, we're busy and book out 6-8 weeks in advance. And so we could easily do 3 or 4 sessions per day the way most studios do. But Kenneth shoots only 2 sessions per day. Never more. He takes his time and never wants you to feel rushed.  We may make less by shooting less, but we think this allows us to give our client more.


DEPOSIT/HOLDING FEE & BALANCE DUE. On your shoot date, the balance of your session fee will be due at the END of your session. We accept all major credit cards, non-rubber checks, money orders, cashier's checks and cash. a 3% fee will be added to master Card and Visa credit card payments. a 5% fee will be added to Discover and AMEX payments.

RESCHEDULING. Sometimes something comes up, so rescheduling is allowed one time as long as you give us 2 business days notice (48 hours). Business days are Monday - Saturday. Rescheduling with less than 2-business days (48) hours notice is considered a cancellation and your holding retainer fee is sacrificed. If you do reschedule, your rescheduled appointment must be within 6 months of your original session date. While one free rescheduling with 2-business days notice is allowed, a second rescheduling is considered a cancellation and will result in the forfeiture of your holding fee. There are no exceptions to this rescheduling/cancellations policy, so do not book a session if you have an issue with this policy.

IF KENNETH DOLIN HAS TO RESCHEDULE.  Your time is as valuable as ours. So, if for some reason we have to reschedule the date of your shoot, you'll receive a discount of $50 off of your remaining balance. Or, you can choose to receive a full refund of your deposit if you'd rather cancel than reschedule.

WEATHER RESCHEDULING. Kenneth Dolin Photography is a natural light studio. We shoot indoors but rely in large part on natural light. While we can, and do, supplement natural light with studio lighting, on rare super-dark and rainy days, we might have to reschedule. While we appreciate how long clients wait to shoot with us, unfortunately we can not control the weather and don't ever want to compromise the quality of your images. if we do have to cancel for weather related issues, we'll gladly give up a weekend or day off to reschedule you quickly, or, if you don't want to reschedule, we're happy to refund your deposit. Anyhow, thank goodness this is Southern California and weather cancellation days happen rarely if ever. Let the sun shine!!!

LATE ARRIVALS. If you're late for your shoot, this will result in less shoot time and fewer images/looks as we may have a client coming after you. If you're over 50 minutes late, this is considered a cancellation and will result in the forfeiture of your holding fee. But who would be 50 minutes late for their own headshot shoot?

CANCELLATIONS & NO-SHOWS: If your forget your session, or cancel, or the voices in your head tell you not to show up, well, that's just weird and you will forfeit your holding fee.

SESSION REVIEW & DISC RELEASE: You'll see your images within 2-3 business days of your shoot via a private, password-protected online gallery. Yo won't need a disc because we archive your images, as does the lab that does the online gallery. But, if you want you can get a disc or USB with all the original, full-sized, high-resolution images from your session from one of my labs, Argentum Photo or Reproductions. Their disc/USB fees are only $5.

RETOUCHING. Retouching is optional and not included in your shoot fee. If you do choose to retouch, we have great referral retouchers and will give you information on how you can contact them at the time of your shoot. But, if you prefer, you can also work with a retoucher of your own choosing. It's up to you. Because you're the boss.

PRINTING & PRINT QUALITY: We don't do printing, but we do with with several labs who can assist you with duplicating images, printing, proof sheets, 4x6s, etc. If you don't want to work with our referral labs, just get your disc or USB and to to any lab that you prefer. Again, you're the boss.

FOR PARENTS OF YOUTH CLIENTS: For any clients under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian is required to be present at all times. We have a sofa in the studio lounge where you will be able to see and hear everything happening at the shoot. However, we do not allow parents or guardians to enter the shooting area or to stand in the client's eye-line. That distracts the kid, and it distracts Kenneth. So, sit back on our sofa, and enjoy watching your child have a laugh and have fun.

STUDIO: Your shoot will take place primarily in a natural light, home-based studio. On occasion, Kenneth will go outdoors to shoot if you are comfortable with that.

ARTISTIC COMPOSITION: Kenneth takes interesting, creative and dynamically composed phots. He has a definite style of shooting that is clearly reflected in our online portfolio and in our promotional material. That's probably why you hired Kenneth. Sometimes he crops closely, or crops off the top of heads, or shoots off center to create a compelling and dynamic composition and a sense of movement. Kenneth also feels that this kind of composition stands out more in environments like LA Casting, Actors Access, IMDB, etc... If you don't like this style of shooting, please think twice before booking.

LOOKS. A "look" is defined as a single change of wardrobe, or a change of hair/makeup, or any combo of the two. But a look is also a goal, so sometimes Kenneth may choose to do several changes per look.

RE-SHOOTS & REFUNDS. Photographs are artistic creations. Interpretation of artistic creations is extremely subjective. Because of this, there are no re-shoots or refunds other than for technical failures or malfunctions where the client does not receive at least 120 technically proficient images in clear focus. But don't worry, we'll rock it.